Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Be a locally and internationally recognised premier Qatari university, known for the quality of its applied education, learning and societal impact.

Our Mission:

To offer holistic education by unleashing the potential in our students and staff in a multicultural and challenging environment, where we believe that knowledge empowers students to become the future leaders in the constantly changing global arena.

Strategic Objectives:

1. Establish a portfolio of high-quality educational products – academic and professional.
2. Establish strategic partnerships with reputable international higher education institutions.
3. Establish ARIU as a leading higher-education institution for applied learning in the region and internationally, through combining education, real-world learning, internationalisation, and applied research.
4. Offer academic programmes, which are internationally validated and accredited.
5. Establish ARIU as the preferred educational partner by business and governmental organisations in the region and internationally.
6. Prepare highly-skilled and competent graduates, who will be able to make significant contribution to the development of a sustainable economic and social environment locally and internationally.