BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

You can enrol two times per year – in February and in September.

Tuition fees

Application fee:  QR  1,000/- (Non-Refundable)
Per Semester:     QR 40,000/-
Yearly fee:           QR 80,000/-

Please note that the tuition fees may be subject to change.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Study Skills for Service and Business Introduction to the Service Sector Business Information and Decision Making Qatar History and Economics Customer Service Excellence Introduction to Business Economics Business Communication Qatar Cultural Geography

English Proficiency

Year 2
Semester 1 Semester 2
Business Environment of the Visitor Economy Project Design, Planning, and Management Hospitality Societies Organisational Transformation Service and Experience Co-creation Current Scenarios and Future Directions
Note: Optional Pass/Fail Practical Experience and Internship Opportunities are available throughout the degree, beginning Year 2.

Optional Pass/Fail Practical Experience and Internship Opportunities are available throughout the degree, beginning Year 2.

Year 3
Semester 1 Semester 2
Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Financial Planning Research Skills Sustainable Hospitality and Leisure Operations Hotel Revenue Management Option 1: Hotel Data Analytics
Option 2: Facilities Design and Venue Management
Option 3: Menu Design and Sensory Evaluation
Option 1: Healthy and Sustainable Consumption
Option 2: Procurement and Supply in the Visitor Economy
Option 3: Enterprise Project (40 credits)


Year 4
Semester 1 Semester 2
Strategic Management and Business Improvement Innovation and Concept Development in Hospitality Independent Project Option 1: Anthropology of Food and Hospitality
Option 2: Beverage Production and Consumption
Option 3: Talent Management
Option 4: Consumer Behaviour
Food and Beverage Management
Luxury Hotels and Resorts Independent Project

a) High School (Secondary School) Qualifications

• Final High School Report – minimum of 70% total score
• Final High School Diploma attested

b) Entrance Interview

• After processing your written application and meeting the overall requirements you will be given a date for the ARIU entrance interview.

c) English Waiver Letter

• A high school certified letter stating the student has been studying in English as the primary medium of instruction, for the previous three years
• If the letter cannot be provided, the prospective student will be asked to take the IELTS exam or ARIU English Language Test
• IELTS (Academic Test – 5.0) and TOEFL (Paper Based – 500), or equivalent English language test
• For progression from introductory year to year two, students must achieve a score of IELTS 6.0 or successfully pass the ARIU English Language Test

d) Application for accreditation of prior learning (if applicable)

• Students who have already had significant prior education at university or college level may get accreditation of prior learning.

e) Attestation

All certificates must be ORIGINALLY ATTESTED by the Ministry of Education in Qatar

Prepare to meet the exciting challenges of a career in today’s hospitality sector. You will study the hotel industry in depth, covering luxury hotels, resorts and spas, revenue management strategies and tools, and operations management. You will look at the impact of new technology simulation, self-service technology, AR and VR- on guest experience. You will also discover how hospitality can be more sustainable. In addition to this detailed industry knowledge, you will develop transferable skills, such as how to research, analyse and present data, how to launch a new business, manage finances and lead teams.

The BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management degree is designed to give you the management and operational skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry of the 2020s and beyond. We have a track record of running successful hospitality management degrees, and now we have updated our curriculum to be even more relevant to the industry today.

We have included more content about business management, new technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, so you graduate as a modern, adaptable, and creative thinker who is not afraid to challenge the status quo and lead on change.

We have also redesigned the modules so that instead of studying specific modules in Finance, Marketing, HR and the other business disciplines, we teach these subjects throughout the course at points where they are most relevant. For instance, you will build your financial knowledge as you learn to create business plans, and you will develop HR and leadership skills as you learn how to change and transform an organisation.

The programme takes a trans-disciplinary approach and offers students choice to explore related subjects through option modules, and to work collaboratively with students on other programmes in modules shared across the suite of programmes.

The programme is built on the following guiding principles that will:

  • Develop graduates who are big-picture thinkers prepared to work collaboratively beyond traditional settings to solve problems and understand how their learning fits in the real world.
  • Create a professional learning environment where students can design, create, and test new knowledge and ideas to build the confidence and creativity required by industry.
  • Operate ethically and responsibly and incorporate environmental sustainability into both business activity and the curriculum integrating PRME/SDGs and the principles for sustainable business practices.
  • Draw on the expertise, knowledge, skills and research of our faculty.
  • Work closely with industry to co-create curriculum.
  • Provide opportunities for students to experience the industry through inter-disciplinary projects, integrated industry projects, industrial work placements, study abroad opportunities, industry mentors and networking opportunities.

How you will learn

You will build up your knowledge and skills through learning activities like:

  • Lectures – delivered by our tutors and guest speakers.
  • Seminars and tutorials
  • Practical projects
  • Analysis of international case studies
  • Research and independent study
  • Industry days, conferences, and competitions
  • Fieldtrips
  • Placements and internships
  • Networking and mentoring
How you are assessed

We use a range of creative assessment methods that are designed to stretch and challenge you. They are based around the key duties of hospitality managers and will include digital technology as much as possible. Tasks might include analysing information and conducting research, writing business reports and essays, working in teams to create new ideas and projects, and delivering presentations.

Personal academic tutoring

Your personal academic tutor will work with you to help you get the most out of your time at university. Having someone to talk to about your academic progress, your university experience and your professional aspirations is hugely valuable. We want you to feel challenged in your studies, stretched but confident to achieve your academic and professional goals.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s world?

We live in a global world where economic opportunities abound beyond national borders. In a fast-changing world, we live in an era when information is critical to our cultures and economies. We want to prepare you for this ever-changing world. That is why we bring tomorrow’s reality into our university and demonstrate how you can participate in it. We think that succeeding in tomorrow’s world involves three fundamental interlinked competencies: the ability to navigate internationally and interculturally, the ability to comprehend and influence tomorrow’s most pressing challenges, and the ability to collaborate effectively.

Future Career

You will graduate from this degree as a confident and creative hospitality specialist with strong business acumen and great awareness of the wider visitor economy. If you want to launch your own business or work for a start-up, you’ll have the enterprising attitude and attributes that are needed, including resilience, self-awareness and independent thinking. If you prefer to work for an employer, you will be well-suited to a range of roles in the hospitality, event, or tourism sectors, as well as allied industries such as marketing, PR or HR. You could initially apply for roles such as Food and Beverage or Event Supervisor, Front Office Supervisor, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Graduate Trainee Hotel Manager, Business Development Manager or Marketing Executive. However, several years into your career, we think you will be leading, inspiring, and shaping the future of the visitor economy.

High employability of our graduates

A Hospitality Management degree is for people who want to lead and shape the future of the hospitality industry. We will help you grow into a business-savvy, innovative thinker who also puts sustainability at the heart of their decision-making. The International Hospitality Management (IHM) programme develops a wide range of skills required in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic and captivating world of hospitality. Thanks to the industry focus of the IHM programme, we pride on the high employability of our graduates soon after graduation as they are well regarded by potential employers.

International Hospitality Management

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and an open mind, the hospitality industry offers plenty of opportunities across the globe. The International Hospitality Management course incorporates the latest trends and developments in relevant sectors and industries, at national and international levels. The future calls for enterprising and resourceful hospitality professionals who know how to translate their knowledge into innovative solutions and who have the vision and courage needed to look beyond their own professional field. In a rapidly and constantly changing world, we will help you make the impossible possible.