PTP Overview

PTP Overview

The Professional Training Programmes are delivered in a flexible and interactive workshop/seminar set-up, providing learning experiences that can be taken away and applied to any business set-up. All the professional trainings are available for further customisation according to the client’s needs

Our workshops are aimed at boosting Overall Organizational Performance, Team Tune-Up, Corporate Social Responsibility and the acquisition of Modern Business Skills and Career Requirements. We serve Corporate Companies, Civic Organizations, Government Bodies, and Small to Medium Enterprises, Associations, Learning Institutions and Individuals!

Our programmes are structured in the following areas:

  • Management programmes
  • Financial programmes
  • Hospitality and services programmes
  • Tourism and Events programmes
  • Personal development programmes

By choosing any one of our topics, you help your Leaders, Managers and Teams to work more:

  • Harmoniously,
  • Resourcefully, and
  • Productively!

In Each Of Our Course, You Will Find The Following Elements:

  • A graphic cover page Summarising the course contents.
  • PowerPoint slides broken down by session. The first session always includes a course overview, learning objectives, pre-assignment, and pre-course assessment.

Delivery Mode:

  • PowerPoint presentation, Flipchart
  • Role Plays, Group discussions, and Industry Speakers
  • Workshop Handouts

Course Timings:

  • The course runs as per the convenience of the group.
  • Once all elements are complete, students will receive a certificate of completion by Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU).