BA in Event Management

BA in Event Management

ARIU enrols students twice a year, in September and in February.

Tuition fees

Application fee:  QR  1,000/- (Non-Refundable)
Per Semester:     QR 20,000/-
Yearly fee:           QR 40,000/-

Please note that the tuition fees may be subject to change.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2

Study Skills
for Business


to Events

History English
and Culture


Events Design
and Planning

Marketing and

Financial and
Organisational Management

Writing and Literacy



Year 2
Semester 1 Semester 2
Organisations and Sustainable
Sports & Cultural Events Consumer Experience in Events Events and Media Running Events:weddings, concerts,
and festivals


Year 3
Semester 1 Semester 2
Finance Management Research Methods MICE Creative Innovations Venue and Crowd Management HR & Leadership


Year 4
Semester 1 Semester 2
Strategic Business Management Digitalisation and Brand Management Dissertation Internship Dissertation

a) An application file:
You must fill in and submit the ARIU application form (also available online on our website) together with a copy of your valid Qatar ID and passport and 4 passport sized photographs.

b) Original or an official copy of your Qatar high school certificate and transcript:
To enter the Bachelor’s Programme from a high school you must have completed Year 12 with a minimum 70% average grade. Entry with 60% may be possible following advice from the admissions office. Graduates of private schools in Qatar and high schools abroad must submit a fully legalised secondary school certificate (s) (High School, IB or Baccalaureate) and an “Equivalence Certificate” from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar. Associate Degrees, College Diplomas, other BA and MA Degrees might also qualify as entrance into our Bachelor programmes; please contact the university’s administration for more information.

c) English Language Requirements:
Year 1: IELTS 5.0 (Overall Band Score) with 4.5 each for the individual skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) Year 2 and above: IELTS 6.0 (Overall Band Score) with 5.5 (or equivalent) each for the individual skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking). Alternatively, we may be able to accept one of the following:

=> Successfully pass the ARIU English Language Test.
=> English Waiver: you can submit a high school certified letter stating that you have been studying in English as the primary medium of instruction, for the past three (3) years.

d) Application for accreditation of prior learning (if applicable):
Applicants who have already had significant prior education at university or college level may get accreditation of prior learning. Please contact the university’s administration for more information.

e) A personal statement:
You must submit a letter in English (minimum of 400 words) showing your motivation for the programme of choice. This letter should include your reasons for applying for the course, your experience in the field (if applicable), how you feel you would benefit from studying this programme,
relevant information about your previous studies (if applicable) and your career ambitions. You can also include your non-academic experiences such as hobbies, interests, participation in any clubs, societies or voluntary work. For more information on the personal statement, please follow the link below:

f) Entrance Interview
After processing your application and meeting the overall requirements you will be given a date for a university entrance interview. The result of this interview will determine if you will enter our Bachelor’s programme at ARIU with the University of Derby.

g) Non-Objection Letter from the Qatar National Service Academy:
Qatari male applicants must submit a non-objection letter from the Qatar National Service Academy addressed to ARIU to study in one of the bachelor programmes at the university.

Download PDF Brochure – Undergraduates

Discover boundless possibilities with ARIU’s BA Event Management programme, the premier and exclusive offering of its kind in the State of Qatar. Unveiling a pioneering curriculum developed in-house, this 4-year programme marks a watershed moment as the first locally licensed and recognized academic endeavour by a private higher education institution. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic events industry, students embark on a transformative journey blending academic rigor, hands-on experience, and invaluable networking opportunities. From crafting unforgettable moments to shaping the future of event management, ARIU’s programme is not just an education; it’s a passport to an extraordinary career in a field of great national importance. Join us, and let your passion for events become your profession!

Unlocking Possibilities & Shaping Futures
The Event Management programme goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering you a passport to a world of endless opportunities. With the chance to explore the globe, learn from industry professionals, and gain hands-on experience, this journey is more than just an education – it’s a transformative experience. We challenge our students, faculty, and partners to unearth and cultivate their talents, fostering a path that extends beyond their professional realms and immediate surroundings.
Our collaborative approach empowers students, lecturers, and researchers to work together on real-world projects, exchanging innovative ideas in a practical setting. Stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of the event management industry, both nationally and internationally, with courses that integrate the latest trends and developments. The future demands dynamic professionals capable of turning knowledge into inventive solutions, possessing the vision and courage to look beyond their immediate fields. In a world that’s rapidly changing, our programme is where the unimaginable becomes possible.
Designing an Eventful Future
Our BA Event Management programme is meticulously designed to equip you with the essential management and operational skills essential for thriving in the ever-evolving global events industry. Encompassing a rich blend of business management, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, this programme ensures you graduate as a contemporary, versatile, and innovative thinker, unafraid to challenge conventions and drive transformative change. While the programme content is globally focused, we’ve intricately woven in a local context, specifically addressing the unique landscape of Qatar and the GCC region. This strategic approach considers the rapid development of the events industry in this dynamic part of the world.

A Transformative Learning Journey
Our BA Event Management programme is an immersive journey that hones a comprehensive set of contemporary skills crucial for excelling in today’s dynamic events landscape. Prepare to tackle real-world challenges, adapt to evolving environments, and craft exceptional experiences with a sustainability mindset. From project planning and management to evaluation, you’ll be immersed in practical training that brings theory to life.
Dive into intriguing and emerging topics such as sustainable event management, the intersection of technology in events (e-event management), and explore niche sectors like culinary, nature-based, or adventure events. Our curriculum isn’t just about theory – we’re here to teach you how to research, analyze data, launch a new event venture, handle finances, and lead teams.
Graduating with a diverse skill set, a proactive ‘can-do’ attitude, and the confidence to make a lasting impact in the event industry, you’ll undergo a transformative learning experience. Through a mix of expert-led lectures, engaging seminars and tutorials, hands-on projects, in-depth case studies, independent research, industry days, conferences, and international field trips, our programme takes you beyond the traditional classroom setting.
But that’s not all – we believe in learning by doing. Our programme places a strong emphasis on practical training, offering opportunities for placements, internships, and networking. Gain firsthand experience, build a professional network, and be ready to step into the world of events with confidence and competence.

Personal Academic tutoring
Your personal academic tutor will work with you to help get the most out of your time at university. Having someone to talk to about your academic progress, your university experience, and your professional aspirations is hugely valuable. We want you to feel challenged in your studies, but confident to achieve your academic and professional goals.

How you will learn

You will build up your knowledge and skills through learning activities like:

  • Lectures – delivered by our tutors and guest speakers
  • Seminars and tutorials
  • Practical projects
  • Case study analysis
  • Research and independent study
  • Industry days, conferences, and competitions
  • Local and international fieldtrips
  • Placements and internships
  • Networking and mentoring
How you are assessed

We use a range of assessment methods – predominantly coursework, but there may be some online exams too. Your coursework tasks will be based around the key duties of tourism professionals, and will include researching the market, thinking of creative ways to promote destinations and attractions, writing business proposals and reports, delivering pitches and presentations, drafting project plans, and evaluating the success of tourism initiatives and activities.

Personal academic tutoring

Your personal academic tutor will work with you to help you get the most out of your time at university. Having someone to talk to about your academic progress, your university experience and your professional aspirations is hugely valuable. We want you to feel challenged in your studies, stretched but confident to achieve your academic and professional goals.

Upon graduation from our BA Event Management programme you’ll emerge as a dynamic and imaginative events specialist, armed with a solid foundation in business expertise. Whether you aspire to launch your own event venture or contribute to a startup, you’ll possess the entrepreneurial spirit and attributes essential for success – resilience, self-awareness, and independent thinking. Alternatively, if you lean towards working for an established employer, your skill set will seamlessly align with various roles in the thriving sectors of Events, Tourism, or Hospitality, extending to allied industries like Marketing, PR, or HR.

This programme not only equips students for managerial, consultancy, or advisory positions within the event management sphere but also envisions a future where you’ll be at the forefront – leading, inspiring, and shaping the trajectory of the events industry. We believe that, several years from now, you’ll be the driving force behind the evolution of the event economy.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s world?

We live in a global world where economic opportunities abound beyond national borders. In a fast-changing world, we live in an era when information is critical to our cultures and economies. We want to prepare you for this ever-changing world. That is why we bring tomorrow’s reality into our university and demonstrate how you can participate in it. We think that succeeding in tomorrow’s world involves three fundamental interlinked competencies: the ability to navigate internationally and interculturally, the ability to comprehend and influence tomorrow’s most pressing challenges, and the ability to collaborate effectively.