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MBA Global

ARIU enrols students twice a year, in September and in February.

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If you would like more information about MBA Global, please visit us on one of our open days and experience our education first hand by meeting our lecturers and fellow students.

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  • We provide you with a top-notch business educational opportunity that allows you to acquire the strategic knowledge, vision, and self-assurance needed to innovate, challenge and lead change.
  • Upon completing the MBA Global, you could be eligible for the CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership alongside your MBA.
  • Our instructors have years of business and managerial expertise, and their extensive international networks will help you reach new heights. Support from a mentor and a coach will advance your professional growth and assist you in developing crucial
    skills for success in your career.
  • Global Thinking: Today’s business managers need to develop global vision and thinking. Each topic on this MBA equips you with sophisticated and practical business knowledge in a global setting. You will learn through real-world practical scenarios across the global business sector. We also allow you to undertake a corporate placement project instead of a traditional dissertation. You will study best practices from and with a diverse group of similarly motivated classmates, including established and aspiring business professionals. Students interested in our MBA program come from all over the world. The MBA Global pathway includes important issues like risk management and global supply chain management and aids in developing a broad-based, well- rounded understanding of international business.

There are multiple routes to the MBA to give you maximum flexibility and choice. You can study full time for one year or part time for two years.

The mentoring and coaching help we offer is one of the programme’s distinguishing characteristics. Transforming Personal Skills and Career Coaching and Mentoring are two support courses we have integrated into the curriculum to help you become more employable. They promote your long-term career planning and professional development while helping you to reflect on your accomplishments and growth.

Strategic & Financial Performance Management Critical Perspectives in Strategic Management & Leadership Global Strategic Operations, Markets & Resources Transforming Personal Skills
20 credits 20 credits 20 credits 0 credits


Business Research Methods & Data Analysis Risk Management in a Global Context Global Supply Chain Management & Logistics Career Coaching & Mentoring
20 credits 20 credits 20 credits 0 credits


60 credits

We deliver a dynamic study experience, taking you beyond the classroom to apply
learning to real-world challenges, including delivering practical solutions. Our main
aim is for you to become independent learners and critical, creative thinkers. You will
be inspired by a mix of:

  • Face-to-face and virtual lectures
  • Case studies
  • Roleplay
  • Debates
  • Online discussions
  • Presentations
  • Enquiry-based learning
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Industry seminars and conferences
  • Guest speakers
  • Visits to various business
  • organisations

In our engaging learning environment, you will receive individual support from
faculty. We provide you with key reading and research resources, and you can make
the most of the University’s online teaching portal.

Our wide-ranging assessment methods are designed to enhance your transferable
skills and personal and professional development. They may include:

  • Computer-aided tests
  • Research projects
  • Work-based reports
  • Case study analysis
  • Reflective reports

a) An application file:
You must fill in and submit the ARIU application form (also available online on our website) together with a copy of your valid Qatar ID and passport and 4 passport sized photographs.

b) Original or an official copy of your Bachelor degree and transcript:
Applicants should normally hold a good honours degree (minimum upper second class or equivalent). Graduates of Qatar University or other universities in Qatar must submit an original or official copy of their bachelor’s degree and the transcript. Graduates of universities abroad must submit a fully legalised bachelor’s degree certificate and transcript together with an “Equivalence Certificate” from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar. Please contact the university’s administration for more information.
c) English Language Requirements:
IELTS 6.5 (Overall Band Score) with 6.0 (or equivalent) each for the individual skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).
Alternatively, we may be able to accept one of the following:

=> Successfully pass the ARIU English Language Test.
=> English Waiver: you can submit an official letter from your previous university stating that your programme was fully taught in English as the primary medium of instruction.
d) Application for accreditation of prior learning (if applicable):
Applicants who have already had significant prior education at post graduate level may get accreditation of prior learning. Please contact the university’s administration for more information.
e) A personal statement:
You must submit a letter in English (minimum of 400 words) showing your motivation for the programme of choice. This letter should include your reasons for applying for the course, your work experience, how you feel you would benefit from studying this programme, relevant information about
your previous studies and your career ambitions. You can also include your non-academic experiences such as hobbies, interests, participation in any clubs, societies or voluntary work. For more information on the personal statement, please follow the link below:

f) Curriculum vitae (CV):
You must submit a detailed CV showcasing your academic and professional achievements, past and current work experience etc.

g) Academic and professional references:
You must submit at least one academic and one professional reference letter to support your application for your post graduate studies.
h) Entrance Interview
After processing your written application and meeting the overall requirements you will be given a date for a university entrance interview. The result of this interview will determine if you will enter our postgraduate programme at ARIU with the University of Derby.
i) Non-Objection Letter from the Qatar National Service Academy:
Qatari male applicants must submit a non-objection letter from the Qatar National Service Academy addressed to ARIU to study in one of the postgraduate programmes at the university.

Download PDF Brochure – Postgraduates

Managers who can perform, think, and act from a global perspective are in great demand. The programme is designed to challenge you intellectually, boost your professional reputation, and make you more capable of solving real-world business challenges. As you pursue the world’s most prestigious management and leadership degree, it nurtures your career goals and equips you with the skills necessary to succeed as a manager and inspirational leader. A new generation of prospective business professionals with a global outlook is the target audience for the MBA global program.