Dr. Ali Abdallah

Dr. Ali Abdallah

Associate Professor / Programme Leader, International Tourism ManagementDesignation


Dr. Ali Abdallah is an Associate Professor and the Programme Leader of Tourism Management studies at Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU) with the University of Derby, Qatar. Dr. Abdallah was previously Programme Leader for Events Management at the University of Sunderland, England. Deriving from a mixed Middle Eastern and Western cultural background, he continuously aimed at combining his cultural background with his research interests. His research interests include Cultural Tourism and Tourism development in the Middle East, Tourism Diaspora Mobilities in the UK, Tourism and Education, and Cultural Traditions as forms of tourist attractions.
Dr. Abdallah completed a BSc in Tourism and Hospitality studies, and an MSc in Tourism and Event Management at the University of Sunderland, UK, and completed his PhD in Tourism Management at Leeds Beckett University, England. He is a fellow of the higher education academy and was awarded the “Most Engaging Lecturer” and “Best Programme Leader for Student Learning Experience” at the University of Sunderland in 2013, and “Best Lecturer of Year 2015” at Stenden University Qatar.
Dr. Abdallah continuously engages in Higher Education research and is a member of several scientific committees. He is also the Chair of Research at Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU).


  • Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Researching Tourism and Hospitality within the Lebanese Diaspora in the UK.
    Research title: Cultural Traditions and Diasporic Identity: An Examination of Cultural Traditions by means of Hospitality within the Lebanese Diaspora in London.
  • University Of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK
    Obtained a Masters Degree (MSc) in Tourism and Events Management.
  • University Of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK
    Obtained a BSc Honours Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
  • PGCE in Higher Education – attained June 2013.
    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) – Recognition reference: 52923

Areas of Expertise

  • Tourism Management
  • Event Management
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Traditions
  • Tourism Development in the Middle East
  • Tourism Diaspora Mobilities
  • Tourism in Higher Education
  • Destination Rebranding
  • Events and destination development
  • Tourist behavior and product consumption


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