Sales and acquisition

Sales and acquisition


Sales and Acquisition Management is one of the most demanded skills in all industries, important both for B2B or B2C areas. This course provides participants with an opportunity to update their selling skills, considering contemporary, ethical and relationship selling. The training is an opener for the sales staff to think more strategical, and how to prospect, find, keep and grow customers for long term profitable relationship. The topics presented below are combined with group activities, role playing, case discussions, and guidelines for real business problems and solutions. Today sales staff needs to sell more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The market is changing with stiff competition, more knowledgeable customers, tougher market conditions, and more ambitious targets. Therefore this training will sharpen your skills and improve your sales performance.


This course is designed for the Sales staff in any industry who are required to develop appropriate selling techniques, skills and successful selling results. Especially important is sales staff understanding the need for analytical thinking, connection with the corporate strategy, appropriate sales planning and implementation of successful selling approaches in the new context of the 21st century and the region. This is a valuable training whether you are a new sales person just learning how to sell or an old hand refining and improving your selling techniques.


At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:
• Understand the best practice processes, tools and techniques for selling successfully
• Understand the importance of each step in the Selling process.
• Developing skills for analyzing the market, and preparing appropriate selling approach.
• Developing skills and techniques for prospecting and acquiring new clients
• Developing sales, communications and negotiations skills
• Implementing ethical and relationship selling for the future work


QAR 3,300 per participant.

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