Executive Certificate in Sports Leadership

Executive Certificate in Sports Leadership

“Sport is one of the ideal tools for the development of a human being and is the main pillar for any progress on national and international platforms”.

“The Sports community is one of the largest social communities and it brings together athletes, media and fans. This community can be a driving force towards preserving a clean, secure and sustainable environment”.

His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani
Emir of the State of Qatar,
President of Qatar Olympic Committee


This 36-hour workshop addresses the increasing demand of the industry for developing employees and athletes with strong leadership skills. The core focus of the workshops is to develop and enhance competencies amongst managers relevant to the area of sports. The course content will cover aspects such as development and implementation of policies, building the organizational structure, designing entrepreneurial strategies, exploring marketing techniques and applying effective financial management. Each delegate will have an opportunity to translate their learning directly into the workplace through case studies and scenarios based on real sports business problems and the possible solutions.


Participants should have minimum 2 years industry experience at a Senior Managerial level in the field of sports. The course is particularly of use for participants from professional and amateur sports organizations (e.g. Olympic committees), private sports clubs, other commercialized sports establishments (e.g., bowling alleys, ski resorts, and public golf courses), sports arenas, coliseums, civic centers, and stadia.


At the end of the workshop, you should be able to develop the following skills:
• Describe and demonstrate the skills necessary for the management of a sports organization.
• Apply the concepts of planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating to a variety of sports organizations.
• Demonstrate the concepts of strategic planning and resource allocation.
• Demonstrate effective knowledge of leadership theory and application.
• Understand the trends in the sports industry at national and international levels.
• Analyze training policies based on organization needs and evaluate approaches to training.
• Understand business financial statements and their use in business decision making.


QAR 8,500 per participant.

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