Destination management

Destination management


Destination Management is a very important element of the tourism industry. It is also an important part of the Qatar Vision 2030. Basically, it means you want to put your destination, your country, city, and/or region on the diversified global market for everyone to see. Starting from understanding your destination and going towards analyzing the global market needs, customers and trends, we will learn and facilitate how to build Sustainable Destination Strategies and Brands. Telling the story of your brand will be further developed for the digital reality and new types of customers, how to use, involve and provide sustainable and long-term profitable customer relationships.


The purpose of this training is to support employees involved in developing and selling the country’s brand and local destinations into a successful story that people would love to visit. Each topic covers interactive lectures, and mostly practical workshops or case study analysis.
This course makes use of the most updated content, tools and reports, reflecting the latest trends in the business world. The course will greatly improve your ability to strategically think about your destination, understand the local and global market, towards building the Destination’s Brand and further developing it into the diversified global market.


Upon successful completion of the course the delegate should be able:

  • To research, discuss and understand the market specifics, and global trends in Tourism.
  • Developing Destination branding strategies while considering the global diversified market.
  • Understanding the customer journey and developing new channels for digitalized and interactive marketing communications.
  • Developing Sustainable growth of the Destination’s Brand.

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