Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness


In this course, audience will have another view of culture, focuses of culture as a set of values and attributes of a given group, the relation of the individual to the culture, and the individual’s acquisition of those values and attributes: in the words of Geert Hofstede: “the collective programming of the mind” (quoted in Victor,1992:6). Fisher, quoted in the same work, defines culture as :”It is shared behavior, which is important because it systematizes the way people do things, thus avoiding confusion and allowing co-operation so that groups of people can accomplish what no single individual could do alone. And it is behavior imposed by sanctions, rewards and punishments for those who are part of the group” (Fisher, 1988).


This program is ideal for you if you are:
• Individuals who are interested in starting a new career in an organization
• Employees, trainers, lodging and restaurant personnel, human resources manager, sales and marketing managers, administrative personnel, and others seeking to expand their career paths with the skills necessary to plan efficient and effective employees
• All Assistant managers; Department Supervisors of any industry


At the end of the training, the participants should be able:
• To be able to develop a more open attitude towards people of a different ethnic/cultural background
• To be able to differentiate his/her own cultural background from others in order to be able to handle situations of miscommunication and conflict.
• To be able to demonstrate an understanding of diversity and culture to promote collaboration/cooperation
• To understand how cultural differences come into existence
• To understand how non-verbal communication differs from one culture to another and to understand how they could cope with these cultural differences


QAR 1,200 per participant.
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